The Promises and Perils of DeFi

The advent of Ethereum along with its flexible smart-contract language has led to a slew of decentralized applications. When speaking of decentralized finance, or “DeFi”, we inevitably think of Ethereum. While Bitcoin itself has been by far the most successful application of DeFi itself, its deliberately simple scripting language is subject to limitations for use cases such as DeFi. Conversely, the opportunities offered by the unconstrained Ethereum language has spawned a multitude of DeFi applications ranging from more traditional sectors such as payments, lending and trading to novel applications such as prediction markets and non-fungible tokens.

Banking the Un(der)banked: Opportunities and Limits of Blockchain Technology

Recently, Facebook released their specification for the Libra project, a global currency to connect the world and empower millions of people who might suffer from financial exclusion (the unbanked) or high fees within the financial system (e.g. remittance). This ideas are often expressed within the Crypto community where Blockchain technology can be a major game changer. In this piece we take a closer look at the unbanked and underbanked and the role Blockchain technology could play to accelerate progress towards resolution.

Decentralized Identity: The Dawn of the Self-Sovereign Individual

Decentralized identity has been a much discussed topic among developers since the invention of the internet. In recent years it gained further relevance due to numerous data breaches and the rise of blockchain technology. With Microsoft’s pre-release of its decentralized identity network ION, the development received the long-overdue media attention. In this piece we take a look at the evolution of digital identity, Microsoft’s decentralized identity network, and how decentralized identity could contribute to the digital transformation.

Global Blockchain VC Study

In our Global Blockchain VC study, we analyzed the portfolios of 172 venture capital firms based in the US, Europe and Asia in order to compile a comprehensive overview of the Blockchain VC landscape. By categorizing 881 portfolio companies according to clearly defined Blockchain sectors, we established a company dataset which helps us understand which sectors in the Blockchain ecosystem have received funding over the past years. Find out who the big VC players are, where they are located and in which startups they invested in!

Why Blockchain is a Game Changer

Blockchain has the potential to redefine gaming in terms of ownership of digital assets, interoperability of games and governance. A number of gaming publishers have already been dipping their toes into blockchain games. But gamers should not hang their hopes up too high, at least in the short to medium term. A major reason for the deferred implementation of a Ready Player One-style gaming multiverse is the fact that such an endeavor is fundamentally incompatible with the business models of today’s highly successful gaming companies.

Enterprise Cryptocurrencies: A Corporate Attack on Crypto?

Our team dug deeper into the news of a potential Facebook cryptocurrency and JP Morgan`s JPM Coin. We explored what these coin projects could potentially look like and how they compare to traditional cryptocurrencies.